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hcii2016 logoHCI International 2016 in Toronto, Canada, July 2016
Parallel Session on “Designing with and for users on the autism spectrum”

Accepted papers

  1. Exploring the role of adults in participatory design for children on the autism spectrum
    Bryan Boyle & Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez
  2. The Triad of Strengths: A strengths-based approach for designing with autistic adults with additional learning disabilities
    Katie Gaudion & Liz Pellicano
  3. An Analysis of Data Collection Methods for User Participatory Design Research for and with People with Austism Spectrum Disorders
    Debra Satterfield, Sunghyun Kang, Christopher Lepage & Nora Ladjahasan
  4. Mobile devices as assistive technologies for ASD: experiences in the classroom
    David Roldan, Javier Gomez, Estefania Martín, German Montoro & Ana Márquez
  5. Human-Centered Design with Autistic University Students: Interface, Interaction and Information Preferences
    Marc Fabri & Penny Andrews
  6. The design of guidelines for teachers and parents in the use of iPads to support children with autism in the development of joint attention skills
    Chrysoula Mangafa, Louise Moody, Andree Woodcock & Alex Woolner

Programme Committee

  • Marc Fabri, Leeds Beckett University, UK
  • Debra Satterfield, California State University Long Beach, USA
  • Agnieszka Landowska, Gdansk University, Poland
  • Alex Woolner, Coventry University, UK
  • Catherine Crompton, Edinburgh University, UK
  • Heather Barker, California State University Long Beach, USA
  • Hyun Jae Jo, USA
  • Margarita Anastossova, CEA, France
  • Nigel Newbutt, University of West England, UK
  • Penny Andrews, Leeds Beckett University, UK
  • Sue Fletcher Watson, Edinburgh University, UK
  • Sunghyun Kang, Iowa State University, USA


Academic Workshop themed “Designing with and for autistic users”

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The workshop focused on making software designed for users on the autism spectrum a) useful and relevant, b) easy to use, and c) something people actually want to use. This included the evaluation of participatory design methods, where users are deeply embedded in research, design and development – and not just during the final evaluation stage.

Dr Alex Woolner, Coventry University

Catherine Crompton, Edinburgh University
Dr Sue Cobb, Nottingham University
Chris Leach, Sutherland House
John McGowan, University of Dundee
Julie Maybury, BBC
Daniel Gonzales, BBC
Rosemary Fitzgerald, BBC
Mark Venn, Portsmouth University
Dr Agnieszka Landowska, Gdansk University, Poland
Mike Pluke, European Telecom Standards Institute (Specialist Task Force 488)
Susana Alarcon, Sydney University, Australia
Dr Marc Fabri, Leeds Beckett University, UK (organiser)
Penny Andrews, Leeds Beckett University, UK (organiser)